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When Is the Deadline to Register for September?

Registration deadline is August 14th, for the Fall 2020 Semester


Where Can I Go to Pay My Registration Fee and Tuition Fee?

The Registration fee and any late payment fees can be paid at Cyber Tech Career College Accounts Office. 


Tuition fees must be deposited to Cyber Tech’s Scotia Bank Account.  Tuition fees will not be collected at Cyber Tech’s Accounts Office.  You must collect a deposit slip from Cyber Tech’s Accounts Office or if you are unable to collect the deposit slip, you can deposit the funds to the Scotia Bank Account and Send us a picture of your deposit.


Can I Pay My Tuition Fee at Your Office?

No, tuition fees cannot be paid at the school’s Accounts Office.  It must be deposited to Cyber Tech’s Career College Scotia Banks Account.


Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, we do offer payment plans for most of our courses, conditions do apply.  For more information on our Tuition Payment Plans you can visit our online page and follow the instructions there


Do You Offer Scholarships?

Yes, we do offer scholarships for most of our courses.  For more information visit our online page


Is Your Office Open?

Due to Covid-19 the office is currently closed.  If you need to reach someone in the Admissions Office or the Accounts Office, please call (242)322-4223, we are currently working from home.


Are You Registered with The Ministry of Education?

Yes, Cyber Tech Career College is registered with the Ministry of Education since April 2005.


Are You Registered With NAECOB?

Yes, Cyber Tech Career College is registered with NAECOB since

August 2018.


Can My Credits Be Transferred to Other Colleges?

Yes, most registered institutions with NAECOB do accept credits from Cyber Tech Career College.  You would have to contact the receiving institution to find out how much credits they would accept for transfer students.


Do You Accept Credits from Other Colleges?

Yes, Cyber Tech Career College do accept credits from most registered institutions with NAECOB.  However, you must first have your transcript evaluated by NAECOB and delivered to our Admissions Office in a sealed Envelope.  We accept up to 30 credits for Associates Degree programs.


I Have Been Out of School for Long Time, Can I Still Enroll In Classes?

Yes, you can still enroll in our courses, no matter your age.  Our instructors will work with you to ensure that you keep on tract.  However, you must be prepared to set aside time to do homework and study.  You can only get out what you put in.


I Don’t Have Any BGCSE, Can I Still Take Classes?

Yes, you can enroll in either our BJC Preparatory classes or our College Prep program.  I would be delighted to send you some information.


Do You Offer College Prep?

Yes, we do offer College Prep classes, I would be delighted to send you some information


I Only Have One or Two BGCSE, Can I Still Enroll in These Classes?

Yes, you can enroll in our BGCSE preparatory classes or our College Prep Classes


Are These Classes Offered Online?

Due to Covid-19 and Social Distancing, classes will be offered online for the Fall 2020 Semester.  We are following the guidelines set in place by the Ministry of Education

I Live on The Family Island, Can I Still Take These Classes?

Yes, you can take these classes online.  We are following the guidelines set in place by the Ministry of Education


After I Complete My Associates, Do You Offer Bachelors Degree?

Cyber Tech Career College does not offer Bachelor’s Degree at this time, however we do have agreements with other colleges that offers the Bachelors degree where you can progress.


I Work Days, Do You Offer Evening Classes?

Cyber Tech Career College offers evening and weekend classes for the convenience of those persons that work during the day.  Most of our classes starts at 5:45 or 6:00pm


Do I Need to Know How to Use A Computer to Take Classes?

Yes, you would need to have basic computer skills.  Cyber Tech Career College is an Interactive Campus.  You would need to have a laptop computer along with high speed internet connection and a personal email address.  A multi-function printer would be a plus.


When Would I know that I'm Accepted by Cyber Tech Career College?

Usually within two to three weeks of submitting your Admissions Application to Cyber Tech Career College you will receive a notification from the college stating weather your application was successful or weather you were denied entry to the college. 


When Do I Meet With my Advisor?

After receiving a notification from the college with your application being successful, you will be given a date and time to meet with an academic advisor.  You will also receive an acceptance package with your course information and books that you will need to purchase.  So, the earlier you register the quicker we can began processing your application.