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About Us

Cyber Tech Career College is a Post-secondary training institution established in March 1999 and registered with The Bahamas Ministry of Education since April 2005. Cyber Tech Career College is also Registered and Approved by The National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of The Bahamas (NAECOB).

We are one of Nassau’s fastest growing progressive Post-secondary institutions. We offer industry-focused programs designed to reflect global market trends. We attract the most talented and ambitious instructors, and we work with our corporate partners to develop programs structured with an international perspective in mind, giving students the flexibility to tailor their studies to meet their own chosen career aspirations.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Cyber Tech Career College is to provide individualized education that addresses students’ unique learning styles, cultivates independent thought, and promotes the building of character, enabling them to contribute to their communities in meaningful and positive ways.

Vision Statement

Cyber Tech Career College hopes to foster in its students and faculty the highest sense of honor and personal integrity as well as generous and responsible citizens.  We aim at these goals because they are good and proper in themselves and because to do so will give positive influence for good in our society.


We are committed to assure learning experiences that will assist our students in achieving their greatest potential, to adapt and adjust to a diverse and ever-changing society.

In fulfilling its mission, the College shall;

  • Provide students with a broad academic foundation, which includes an appreciation of cultural diversity among all facets of our society.
  • Offer affordable programs to academically qualified students which support their educational aspirations, meet the needs of local and international employers, and promote the economic, social and cultural development of the community.
  • Enhance student activities and services beyond the classroom in order to support and enrich learning and promote career, social, and personal development for diverse student populations.
  • Provide a physical environment that supports and enriches learning.
  • Foster an open and transparent campus environment in order to maintain the integrity of the Mission of the College.
  • Seek and provide ample resources to support the Mission of the College.
  • Encourage students to aspire to be exemplary citizens, scholars, professionals, and leaders in society