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Student Loan Program

Cyber Tech Career College has partnered with two reputable lending agencies to now offer those students who are desirous of a Post-secondary Education, Student Loan.

The easy, affordable, low interest rate Student Loan can be used for Tuition Fess, Ancillary Fees, Books and Supplies or whatever the student needs to complete their studies.


ELIGIBILITY: Students Enrolled in The Following Programs

  • BJC & BGCSE Preparatory Program
  • College Preparatory Program
  • Associates Degree Program
  • I.T Certification Program
  • Allied Healthcare Certifications
  • Professional Development Program
  • Career Training Program

Telephone 636-4151 or 376-1873

Suite 12 Caves Village, Lagoon Court Office

West Bay St. 

Nassau, Bahamas


1.     Complete the Application Online 

2.     Print it out and sign it along with a witness

3.     Scan the Application and attach the following documents

  • An Estimate from Cyber Tech Career College
  • Passport
  • NIB Card
  • Voter’s Card or Utility Bill
  • Job Letter
  • Salary Slip

4.     Email the Documents to: or